How Many Carry-On Bags are Allowed by United Airlines: Insider Guide

United Airlines allows passengers to carry one personal item and one carry-on bag onboard. United Airlines allows passengers to bring one personal item and a carry-on bag on their flights.

These items must meet specific size and weight requirements to be allowed in the cabin. Knowing the rules for carry-on baggage is essential to ensure a stress-free travel experience.

By understanding what you can bring and how to pack efficiently, you can avoid any issues or additional fees at the airport.

We will discuss United Airlines’ carry-on baggage policy, including size and weight restrictions and any exceptions or additional charges that may apply.

So, whether you’re flying for business or pleasure, ensure you are familiar with United Airlines’ carry-on baggage allowance to make your travel experience seamless.

United Airlines Bag Policy Overview

If you’re planning to travel with United Airlines, it’s important to familiarize yourself with their bag policy to ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey.

Understanding the guidelines on carry-on and checked baggage, as well as the exceptions for special items, will help you pack efficiently and avoid any surprises at the airport.

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General Guidelines on Carry-on And Checked Baggage

United Airlines allows passengers to bring both carry-on and checked baggage. However, adhering to the size and weight restrictions is essential to avoid additional fees or the need to check your bag. Here are the general guidelines:

  1. Carry-on baggage: Each passenger can bring one carry-on bag and one personal item. The maximum dimensions for the carry-on bag are 9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches (22 cm x 35 cm x 56 cm), including handles and wheels. Ensure your bag fits within the sizing guidelines and easily fits in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you.
  2. Personal item: Besides your carry-on bag, you can bring one personal item, such as a purse, laptop bag, or small backpack. The dimensions for the personal item should be no larger than 9 inches x 10 inches x 17 inches (22 cm x 25 cm x 43 cm).
  3. Checked baggage: The number of checked bags allowed and the fees depend on your specific United Airlines ticket and itinerary. Generally, each passenger is permitted to check up to two bags. However, checking your flight’s baggage policy is important, as there may be exceptions or additional charges.

Notable Exceptions and Special Items Policies

While United Airlines’ bag policy covers most standard luggage requirements, there are some notable exceptions and special items policies to keep in mind:

  • Exceptions for MileagePlus Premier members: If you’re a MileagePlus Premier member (such as Premier Silver, Premier Gold, Premier Platinum, or Premier 1K), you may be allowed additional baggage benefits, including extra weight allowances and waived fees. Check the United Airlines website for details specific to your membership level.
  • Special items: United Airlines also provides guidelines for various special items, such as sports equipment, musical instruments, and fragile or oversized items. Review these items’ specific requirements and restrictions to ensure they can be safely transported.

For more information on United Airlines’ bag policy, you can visit their official website:

  1. United Airlines Baggage Information
  2. United Airlines Restricted Items
  3. United Airlines Fragile and Perishable Items

How Many Carry-on Bags Are Allowed By United Airlines: Insider Guide

When it comes to air travel, it’s crucial to understand the baggage allowances the airline sets clearly.

In this insider guide, we will dive deep into United Airlines’ carry-on bag policy. Whether you’re a frequent traveler or planning your first trip, knowing how many carry-on bags United Airlines allows can save you the hassle of last-minute adjustments at the airport.

Standard Carry-on Allowances

United Airlines’ standard carry-on allowance includes one bag and one personal item. The carry-on bag must fit within the specified dimensions to be stowed in the overhead bins comfortably.

The maximum dimensions for a carry-on bag are 22 inches x 14 inches x 9 inches (56 cm x 35 cm x 22 cm), including handles and wheels. Measuring your bag before heading to the airport is essential to ensure it meets the criteria.

Alongside your carry-on bag, you can bring one personal item onboard, such as a purse, laptop bag, or small backpack.

The personal item should fit underneath the seat in front of you, so its dimensions should not exceed 17 inches x 10 inches x 9 inches (43 cm x 25 cm x 22 cm).

Personal Item Specifications

Let’s look closer at the specifications for personal items on United Airlines. The personal item dimensions must not exceed 17 inches x 10 inches x 9 inches (43 cm x 25 cm x 22 cm).

This size restriction ensures that the personal item can be conveniently accommodated under the seat in front of you, allowing easy access during the flight.

Make sure you double-check the dimensions of your item before you embark on your journey.

Exceptions for Status Members and Class Differences

United Airlines offers certain exceptions and additional benefits to frequent flyers and passengers traveling in different classes.

Premier members of the MileagePlus program, United Global Services, and Star Alliance Gold members can bring one extra personal item onboard. This benefit allows for added convenience and flexibility during their travels.

Furthermore, travelers flying in United Polaris Business Class or United First Class have additional allowances. Alongside their carry-on bag and personal items, they can bring a garment bag or a small soft-sided cooler.

These exceptions cater to the specific needs of business and first-class passengers, providing them with extra space for important items.

Understanding United Airlines’ carry-on bag policy ensures a seamless travel experience.

Remember to adhere to the standard carry-on allowances, including the dimensions for carry-on bags and personal items. If you hold a higher status or travel in a different class, take advantage of the exceptions provided to enhance your journey.

With this insider guide, you can confidently plan your packing strategy and avoid surprises at the airport.

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When it comes to air travel, one of the most important aspects to consider is the luggage you bring with you.

Knowing the baggage policies and restrictions of the airline you are flying with can save you from any last-minute surprises and additional fees.

In this section, we will discuss United Airlines’ carry-on baggage policy, focusing on navigating extra carry-on bags. We will look specifically at fees for additional carry-on luggage, pre-boarding options for extra bags, and the airline’s policy on oversized or overweight carry-on items.

Fees for Additional Carry-on Luggage

United Airlines allows passengers to bring one personal item and a standard carry-on bag. The personal item should fit under the seat before you, while the carry-on bag should fit in the overhead bin or the approved size checker.

It is crucial to adhere to the airline’s size and weight restrictions to avoid any additional fees.

United Airlines offers various options to accommodate your needs if you need extra carry-on bags beyond the allowed limit. However, keep in mind that fees may apply for each additional bag.

The fees vary based on your flight destination and whether you are a MileagePlus Premier member, a Star Alliance Gold member, or a primary card member of a qualifying MileagePlus credit card.

Pre-boarding Options for Extra Bags

To ensure a smooth boarding process with extra carry-on bags, United Airlines provides pre-boarding options for passengers who need additional time or assistance. This includes individuals traveling with oversized or overweight carry-on items.

By availing of pre-boarding, you get extra time and space to stow your bags and settle in comfortably before other passengers board.

When requesting pre-boarding for extra bags, it is recommended to notify the gate agent or speak to a United Airlines representative before your flight. They will guide you through the process and assist you accordingly.

Policy on Oversized or Overweight Carry-on Items

United Airlines has specific policies for oversized or overweight carry-on items. According to their guidelines, the maximum dimensions for a carry-on bag are 9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches (22 cm x 35 cm x 56 cm), including handles and wheels.

The maximum weight limit is 40 pounds (18 kg) for Economy Class passengers and 70 pounds (32 kg) for United First, United Business, and United Polaris passengers.

If your carry-on bag exceeds these dimensions or weight limits, it will be considered oversized or overweight. In such cases, United Airlines may require you to check in the bag and pay the applicable checked baggage fees.

It is important to ensure your carry-on items meet the airline’s requirements to avoid inconveniences during boarding.

Special Carry-on Situations

United Airlines allows passengers to bring one carry-on bag and one personal item. This policy ensures convenience and efficiency for travelers, allowing them to bring their essential belongings during their flight.

Whether it’s a backpack, briefcase, or a small-sized item, passengers can enjoy the convenience of having their essential items close by.

Handling Musical Instruments, Mobility Devices, And Other Exceptions

When it comes to special carry-on situations, United Airlines understands that passengers may require additional accommodations for their valuable musical instruments or mobility devices.

Whether you are a professional musician traveling with your instrument or an individual with limited mobility relying on specialized equipment, United Airlines has policies to ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey.

Additionally, other exceptions exist, such as transporting perishable items, fragile objects, or any unusual or bulky personal item.

Policy for Traveling With Infants or Pets

If you plan to travel with infants or pets, United Airlines has specific policies to accommodate their needs and ensure their comfort and safety throughout the journey. When traveling with an infant, you can carry a diaper bag in addition to your items and carry-on bag.

As for pets, United Airlines follows a separate set of guidelines, allowing small dogs and cats to travel in-cabin with their owners, provided certain weight and size restrictions are met.

However, it is important to familiarize yourself with United Airlines’ guidelines and make any necessary arrangements to ensure a stress-free travel experience for you and your furry companion.

Tips for Packing Smart and Avoiding Baggage Fees

To make the most of your carry-on allowance and avoid unnecessary baggage fees, it’s important to pack smart and efficiently. Here are some tips to help you streamline your packing process:

  1. Consider investing in a lightweight and compact suitcase to maximize your allowable space.
  2. Roll your clothes instead of folding them to save space and reduce wrinkles.
  3. Use packing organizers, such as compression bags or packing cubes, to maximize space and keep items organized.
  4. Wear your heaviest or bulkiest clothing items and shoes while traveling to avoid using unnecessary space in your carry-on bag.
  5. Research the weather and anticipated activities at your destination to pack only the essentials.
  6. Check United Airlines’ guidelines regarding liquid restrictions and pack your toiletries accordingly.

Carry-on Tips From Frequent Flyers

When it comes to packing your carry-on bags for a United Airlines flight, getting insights from frequent flyers can be a game-changer.

These experienced travelers have honed their skills and developed strategies to help make their travel experience smoother.

In this section, we’ll explore some useful tips shared by frequent flyers that will assist you in optimizing your carry-on packing and easily navigating through security.

Utilizing United’s MileagePlus Program for Extra Baggage

One advantage of flying with United Airlines is their MileagePlus Program, which allows members to earn rewards and extra benefits.

Leveraging this program smartly can help you avoid additional baggage fees and provide flexibility in your carry-on packing.

As a MileagePlus member, you can take advantage of the Premier Access benefits, including access to the priority security lane, saving you precious time at the airport.

Moreover, if you need more carry-on bags, MileagePlus Premier members receive baggage allowances of up to 70 pounds per bag.

This is significantly higher than the standard weight limit, allowing you to pack what you need without worrying about exceeding the weight restrictions.

Advice on Carry-on Packing Strategies

When packing your carry-on bag, it’s essential to be strategic to maximize space and ensure you have everything you need during your flight. Here are some useful tips from seasoned travelers to help you pack smarter:

  • Roll or fold your clothes efficiently to save space and minimize wrinkles.
  • Invest in packing cubes or compression bags to organize your belongings and compress bulky items.
  • Opt for lightweight, travel-sized toiletries to minimize the weight of your bag.
  • Wear your bulkiest items, such as coats or boots, during your travel to free up space in your carry-on.
  • Consider layering your clothing for flexibility in various weather conditions.

Best Practices for a Hassle-free Security Check

Going through airport security can sometimes be tedious, but with the right approach, you can breeze through it smoothly. Here are some best practices to help you have a hassle-free security check:

  1. Wear slip-on shoes to easily remove and put them back on at the security checkpoint.
  2. Keep your electronic devices easily accessible and separate them from other items in your bag.
  3. Follow the TSA’s 3-1-1 rule: all liquids, gels, and aerosols must be in containers of 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or less and fit into a single quart-sized clear plastic bag.
  4. Remove your jacket, belt, and any metal jewelry before reaching the security checkpoint to expedite the screening process.
  5. Stay aware of the screening procedures and follow the instructions of the security personnel.

By implementing these carry-on tips from frequent flyers, you can make the most of your United Airlines travel experience.

From utilizing the MileagePlus Program to employing smart packing strategies and navigating through security seamlessly, these insights will help you optimize your journey from start to finish.

When it comes to packing for your flight, knowing the airlines’ checked baggage size is crucial. Dive into our insider guide on United Airlines’ policies, where we not only explain how many carry-on bags are allowed but also help you discover the ideal dimensions for hassle-free travel in terms of checked baggage size.

Avoiding Common Bag Issues

When traveling with United Airlines, knowing their carry-on bag policies is essential to avoid any complications or frustrations.

By understanding the guidelines and taking some preemptive measures, you can ensure that your carry-on bags won’t encounter any issues during your journey.

In this section, we will explore how you can prevent your carry-on from being gate-checked, offer quick remedies for common carry-on complications, and provide customer service insights for dealing with baggage problems.

How to Ensure Your Carry-on Isn’t Gate-checked

Gate-checking your carry-on can be a hassle, especially if you have valuable or fragile items. To avoid this inconvenience, here are a few steps you can take:

  1. Familiarize yourself with United Airlines’ size and weight restrictions for carry-on bags. Ensure your bag meets the requirements to be stowed in the overhead bin.
  2. Arrive at the gate early. By boarding earlier, you’ll have a better chance of finding available overhead bin space for your carry-on.
  3. Consider purchasing United Airlines’ Priority Boarding or Premier Access. These options give you earlier access to the aircraft, increasing the likelihood of finding space for your bag.

Following these steps will significantly decrease the chances of your carry-on being gate-checked and provide peace of mind throughout your journey.

Quick Remedies For Common Carry-on Complications

Even with proper planning, your carry-on bag may still have unforeseen issues. But worry not, as we have some quick remedies for common complications:

  • If your carry-on is too bulky to fit in the overhead bin, remove non-essential items and place them in your item.
  • If the overhead bin is full, politely ask a flight attendant for assistance. They might be able to find space in a different bin or provide guidance on where to store your bag.
  • If you’re concerned about delicate items, consider adding extra padding or protective layers inside your carry-on to prevent damage during handling.

Being proactive and resourceful allows you to swiftly address these common carry-on complications and enjoy your flight with minimal interruptions.

Customer Service Insights for Dealing With Baggage Problems

Despite your best efforts, baggage problems can sometimes arise. Here are some customer service insights to help you navigate such situations:

  1. Stay calm and approach the airline’s customer service desk friendly. Remember, they are there to assist you.


To summarize, United Airlines offers a clear policy on carry-on bags. Understanding the limitations and dimensions allowed will help you avoid any unwanted surprises or fees at the airport.

By planning and packing smartly, you can enjoy a hassle-free travel experience with United Airlines.

Remember to check the guidelines on their official website for the most up-to-date information.

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