GB Pockit Stroller Double: The Best Lightweight Double Stroller for Parents

Are you a parent looking for a convenient and practical stroller for your little ones? The GB Pockit Double Stroller might be the answer to your needs.

With its innovative design and remarkable features, this double stroller offers a comfortable and safe ride for two children while being incredibly compact and easy to maneuver.

In this article, we’ll explore the key features, benefits, user reviews, and more to help you understand why the GB Pockit Double Stroller is a popular choice among parents.

GB Pockit Stroller Double

The GB Pockit Stroller Double is an ultra-compact and lightweight double stroller designed for parents with two children. Its innovative design makes it perfect for traveling, running errands, or taking your kids on a walk around the neighborhood.

It weighs only 13 pounds and can hold up to 110 pounds, making it a versatile and practical choice for parents.

Key Features of the GB Pockit Double Stroller

The GB Pockit Double Stroller has features that make it stand out from the competition. Let’s take a closer look at some of its key features:

Compact Foldability

The standout feature of the GB Pockit Double Stroller is its exceptional compactness. When folded, it becomes incredibly small, allowing you to store it effortlessly in tight spaces, car trunks, or overhead airplane compartments. This makes it the perfect travel companion for families on the go.

Lightweight Design

Weighing only a few pounds, the GB Pockit Double Stroller is incredibly lightweight. This makes lifting, carrying, and maneuvering easy, even with two children on board. Say goodbye to the struggles of lugging around a heavy stroller!

Easy Maneuverability

Thanks to its innovative design, the GB Pockit Double Stroller offers excellent maneuverability. It effortlessly glides through tight spaces, narrow doorways, and crowded areas, making it a breeze to navigate through urban environments.

Adjustable Harness System

Safety is paramount for strollers, and the GB Pockit Double Stroller doesn’t disappoint. It features an adjustable harness system that keeps your children secure and comfortable during outings. The five-point harness ensures a snug fit, preventing accidental slips or falls.

Canopy and Sun Protection

To shield your little ones from the sun’s harmful rays, the GB Pockit Double Stroller has a canopy that provides excellent coverage. You can adjust it to suit your children’s needs and protect their delicate skin from sunburns.

Ample Storage Space

Despite its compact design, the GB Pockit Double Stroller offers sufficient storage space for essential items such as diapers, wipes, snacks, and personal belongings. It features a storage basket beneath the seats, allowing you to keep everything within easy reach.

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Benefits of GB Pockit Stroller Double

The GB Pockit Stroller Double has several benefits, making it a top choice for parents. These include:

1. Portability

The compact and lightweight design of the GB Pockit Stroller Double makes it easy to transport and store. It can fit in the overhead compartment of most airplanes, making it a perfect choice for traveling families.

2. Maneuverability

The stroller’s swivel wheels make maneuvering in tight spaces, such as crowded malls or narrow sidewalks, easy. The one-step brake system also ensures that the stroller stays in place when you need to take a break.

3. Comfort

The padded seats and adjustable harnesses give your children a comfortable and secure ride. The UPF 50+ sun canopy also protects them from the sun’s harmful rays.

4. Storage

The storage basket and pockets behind each seat provide ample space for your essentials, making it easier to carry everything you need.

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How to Choose the Right GB Pockit Double Stroller for Your Needs

When selecting a GB Pockit Double Stroller, it’s essential to consider your specific requirements. Here are a few factors to keep in mind:

  1. Age and weight range: Ensure the stroller suits your children’s ages and weights.
  2. Travel needs: If you travel frequently, prioritize a stroller that folds into a compact and lightweight size.
  3. Maneuverability: Consider the stroller’s ability to navigate various terrains and tight spaces.
  4. Additional features: Determine which features are important to you, such as canopy size, storage capacity, or adjustable seats.

By evaluating these factors, you can choose the GB Pockit Double Stroller that best suits your family’s lifestyle and preferences.

GB Pockit Stroller Double
GB Pockit Stroller Double


  • Compact and Lightweight: The GB Pockit Stroller Double is known for its exceptional compactness and lightweight design, making it incredibly easy to maneuver and transport. It folds down into a small package, ideal for travel and storage.
  • Double Seating: This stroller accommodates two children, making it convenient for parents with twins or siblings of similar ages. The double seating feature allows both children to ride comfortably side by side.
  • Easy Folding Mechanism: The stroller features a simple and quick folding mechanism that allows parents to fold and unfold it effortlessly. It can be folded down to a compact size with just one hand, making it convenient for busy parents on the go.
  • Maneuverability: Despite its compact size, the GB Pockit Stroller Double offers excellent maneuverability. It has swivel front wheels that make navigating through tight spaces and crowded areas easy. The wheels also provide a smooth and comfortable ride for the children.
  • Adjustable Canopies: Each stroller seat has an adjustable canopy, providing sun protection for each child. The canopies can be adjusted to different positions to shield the children from the sun or wind.


  • Limited Storage Space: Due to its compact design, the GB Pockit Stroller Double has limited storage space compared to larger strollers. A small storage basket is underneath the seats, but it may not be sufficient for carrying larger items or diaper bags.
  • Non-Reclining Seats: The seats of this stroller do not recline fully, which means that it may not be as suitable for napping or longer periods of rest for the children. The lack of reclining options can be a drawback for some parents.

Tips for Using the GB Pockit Double Stroller Effectively

To make the most of your GB Pockit Double Stroller, consider the following tips:

  1. Practice folding and unfolding the stroller a few times before your first outing to become familiar with the process.
  2. Adjust the seats to the desired positions based on your children’s comfort and preferences.
  3. Utilize the storage basket to carry essential items, but avoid overloading it to maintain stability.
  4. Regularly check the stroller’s wheels, brakes, and harness system for any signs of wear and tear.
  5. Clean the stroller regularly to keep it hygienic and in optimal condition.

By following these tips, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience with your GB Pockit Double Stroller.

Overall Features of GB Pockit Stroller Double

The GB Pockit Stroller Double stands out for its compact and lightweight design, making it an excellent choice for parents seeking a convenient and portable double stroller.

It offers easy folding, maneuverability, and individually adjustable canopies for sun protection. However, it has limited storage space, non-reclining seats, minimal cushioning, and non-adjustable footrests.

These features make the GB Pockit Stroller Double best suited for shorter trips and situations where portability is a priority.

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The GB Pockit Stroller Double is a great option for parents looking for a lightweight and portable double stroller. It is easy to use, compact, and fit in small spaces, making it perfect for travel or daily use.

Although it has some drawbacks, such as limited storage and non-reclining seats, it still offers many benefits that outweigh the cons.

With its simple and functional design, the GB Pockit Stroller Double is a reliable and convenient choice for parents prioritizing portability and ease of use. Overall, it is one of the best lightweight double strollers on the market today.


Can the GB Pockit Stroller Double accommodate newborns?

No, the GB Pockit Stroller Double is not suitable for newborns as it does not have a fully reclining seat. It is recommended for children who can sit up independently, typically from six months and up.

Is the GB Pockit Stroller Double easy to maneuver?

Yes, the GB Pockit Stroller Double is designed to be lightweight and easy to maneuver. It has swivel front wheels and can turn on a dime, making navigating through tight spaces and crowded areas easy.

What is the weight capacity of the GB Pockit Stroller Double?

The GB Pockit Stroller Double has a weight capacity of 33 pounds per seat, meaning it can hold a maximum weight of 66 pounds.

Does the GB Pockit Stroller Double come with a storage basket?

No, the GB Pockit Stroller Double does not have a storage basket. However, it does have a small pocket on the back of each seat that can hold small items such as keys or phones.

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